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14 2014 Apr

Cherry Blossom Fun

Right now we’re accepting user submitted photos of cherry blossoms on our facebook page: Click Here!

Check out some of the ones submitted so far! (photos will be added to this page)


ddcherry2-2 copy


ddcherry2-3 copy


ddcherry2-4 copy


ddcherry2-5 copy


ddcherry2-6 copy


ddcherry2-7 copy


ddcherry2-10 copy


ddcherry2-11 copy


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23 2013 Sep

How We Make Homes Sell

A while back, we got a testimonial from a customer of ours that really caught our eye, and became front and center on our home page. We’ve talked about the effects on a family after having their windows cleaned and bright sunlight shining clearly through, but when we got that testimonial we thought about our residential window cleaning service benefits in a new light.

This blog post is speaking to all the real estate companies and homeowners looking to get their home show-ready. Why not spend a little extra cash on professional window cleaning to really make your home sparkle? The reflection of light and clarity of the glass after a cleaning are things that are tough to notice (at times) but subconsciously weigh in on the feelings of ease and control – two essential feelings that must be present in the minds of the prospective buyers.

New Look

New Look 2

23 2013 Aug

Power Washing Patio

A while ago, when I was working on the page on power washing, I decided to power wash my own patio, just to try it out, and get rid of some of the grime between the cracks that had accumulated. I had done a bit of research online and saw that not getting too close to the stones was important. However, I had seen different examples of how far away I should be. What was the result?

I noticed that towards the end of the job I didn’t care as much about the strength of the stones, and cared more about getting the job done. Some areas were clean as can be, and others were… not.

I sprayed a layer of soap down first, and saw it made a big difference, because the areas the soap had gathered and remained when I started the job (before I got to those areas) ended up cleaner, and everything seemed to come right off. In the end, though, I realized that power washing (at least for a techie like myself) is something you can’t expect to master on your first attempt.

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3 2013 Jul

Spider-Man Photo Winner

Earlier we blogged about one of our window washers web slinging and fighting grime, and thought we’d follow up with it since more pictures came in. Halstead towers decided on the winning photo and posted it to their blog and boy is it a doozie! This photo rivals the talent of Peter Parker himself!


Hatim’s picture won the contest with its amazing clarity, color, and angle. You can tell this photographer is a pro!


When our web guy heard back from Winsor towers he was greeted with the entire album of pics from residents on this day, so we decided to add them to our website as well. They thanked us and said that the window washer “was such a good sport”, pausing his work for photo ops. It was fun for him too! Check out the rest of the photos below.







Since we completed this job, we have begun to think of other situations where this type of window washing service would be appropriate. Could you imagine this at a children’s hospital? Let us know what you think. Who’s your favorite super hero?

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10 2013 Jun

Spider-Man Cleaning Windows

A while back we had a window washer don the Spidey costume at Halstead Tower by Winsor, as part of a photo contest for the residents. The contest was announced on the community website, although we have a feeling we might have given a resident or two quite the surprise. After all, imagine getting home from a long business trip, waking up and reading the paper and seeing this!

Just your Friendly Neighborhood Grime-Fighting Spider-Man

This is the kind of stuff we live for. Sure, we love hearing back from our customers about how much better they feel after getting their windows cleaned, but we can’t wait to do this again!

Check out the pictures below, courtesy of the staff (and residents) at Winsor apartments.




Stan 2


in action 2


in action


you found me




no prob


just doin mah job




on the ground