Power Washing Patio

A while ago, when I was working on the page on power washing, I decided to power wash my own patio, just to try it out, and get rid of some of the grime between the cracks that had accumulated. I had done a bit of research online and saw that not getting too close to the stones was important. However, I had seen different examples of how far away I should be. What was the result?

I noticed that towards the end of the job I didn’t care as much about the strength of the stones, and cared more about getting the job done. Some areas were clean as can be, and others were… not.

I sprayed a layer of soap down first, and saw it made a big difference, because the areas the soap had gathered and remained when I started the job (before I got to those areas) ended up cleaner, and everything seemed to come right off. In the end, though, I realized that power washing (at least for a techie like myself) is something you can’t expect to master on your first attempt.

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