The Crystal Companies were developed to meet our customers’ growing and extended needs. ¬†Here, we strive to offer our customers a wide variety of services including: caulking, power washing, tuckpointing, awning cleaning, and waterproofing/sealing processes.


As properties age, the caulk which seals around windows, doors, and expansion joints will begin to deteriorate. Our experienced caulking mechanics utilize the latest materials and techniques for resealing deteriorated caulk joints.


Moisture penetration accelerates the deterioration of mortar joints and other surface materials. Modern invisible sealers prevent water from penetrating porous materials such as: brick, block, concrete, and wood. This process prevents spalling and other water related damage.


Over the course of time, many surfaces, such as concrete and brick, develop mildew spots, various deposits, and the obvious dirt.  Power washing can often take care of these issues.


Tuckpointing is the thorough repair of deteriorated mortar joints. This process prevents another common source of water infiltration.